The dismantling and transformacion of the CUBE 


This is "INNABOX" (foto not yet available), the small figure which is trying to escape out of it is sitting inside, feeling utterly miserable. All he sees is inside the box and he is desperately looking for the way out, not realising that accepting everything that is happening within the box including within himself will make him realize that the box fits him like his own skin. To feel and be released in Reality he only has to let happen.

The six square sides of this cube are divided in two identical boards according to following drawing: 




This is the only way to divide a square in two identical parts with as much as possible Golden Ratios.

The Golden Ratio is a scale of ratios in which the ratio of the whole to the largest part equals the ratio of the largest part to the smaller part. A division which guarantees harmony and beauty. This ratio one encounters everywhere in the universe including the human body, for instance in our hands: 

By applying these scales in objects they have been given a soul in a way, anchored in earthly matter and connected with the essence beyond matter.

The three objects of OFFABOX 1


A magazine rack which represents all ‘problems’  IMposed on us by the 'established order’ coming from seemingly outside of us, in reality lies the source within.


A table with a glass table top of four stacked slightly shifted glass sheets with two autumn leaves in between.
The four sheets represent the different ‘truths’ with which we are ending up. Our perception of the reality is totally depending on our beliefs and convictions and thoughts about that reality, how we experience everything matches completely with the colour of the glasses through which we look. 
The two leaves are seemingly opposing each other whereas they descend from the very same roots from the climbing plant on my balcony.
The table EXposes all equally valid relative truths which come above table. All relative realities have become totally transparant and are revealed in their own unique way The Truth that is Hidden inside, in all 'Ten Thousand Things'.

DECOMpose or DISpose

A flowerpot to let the 'solutions' which were 'COMposed' as a 'reaction' on the ''problems' we IMposed on ourselves (no matter whether we think of them coming from outside us or originating within us) follow the inevitable natural way: to flower, to wilt and to DECOMpose. Or a wastebin to DISpose of everything that no longer works.

The used wood is pitch pine from the lower part of a large tree so called 'stuikhout' in dutch. It has lived under immense pressure, therefor it is very heavy and so full of resin that this wood will produce blood, sweat and tears incessantly.
After sawing and planing the wood has been steeped in lye and treated with Auro liquid beeswax. 



Impose, Expose, Dispose/Decompose


Lye+ Beeswax

The result is a beautiful dark coloured ancient look.

OFFABOX 1 is for sale. contact us if you are interested:

All models also available in: plywood 15 mm, € 39,
plywood model 9 mm with bicycle-tyre-lace € 66,
scaffolding wood € 123,
paper model € 5,50


plywood 15 mm 


plywood 9 mm with bicycle-tyre-lace


scaffolding wood


paper model

Construction kits available. Suitable for schools or other groups/individuals.


The TOWER OF ILLUSION is a Climbing Tower with a Slide.

The same procedure for dismantling the CUBE as shown above is followed. The twelve “Golden Ratio Boards” are put together in three identical forms called “OPPOSE”.











The 2 or Dyade comes into existence by mirroring. We think that Perfect Unity is something we can reach or develop. Only by seeing that all the negativity we experience outside/inside of us works as an excellent manure we will find the garden within. Only then you can see through the absolute duality which can not be overcome in the outside and 'see the One in all'. If you never choose for yourself you are your own balance. The minute you make your own choice you will get deceived by the illusion of two, The Dyade is at the base of every existing thing. 

If you look through this object the two holes on either side are opposed and form an “X”, symbol of negacion. The TOWER OF ILLUSION consists of three “OPPOSE’s “ on top of each other. Each “OPPOSE” measures 89 inch; 7,42 feet 2,26 m. The entire tower is about 7,4 yards, 6,78 m. 
The opposite sides are identical. If you look up or down in the middle you see a square through which the light goes straight down to the floor. In this square a ladder is placed which leads to the slide.
The outside of the TOWER of ILLUSION is made for climbing also. On the lower part the boards are placed horizontally, on the middle diagonally, on the top vertically. The smaller kids will only be able to climb the first one. Having reached the top you have the choice: take flight or slide down for a next round....


During june 2015 the model was exhibited in Pand Paulus in Schiedam in the exhibition:



The TOWER OF ILLUSION will be taken in production. In case you'd like one in your local playground please contact us:



The STA(I)RCASE is a staircase made with 9 squares (3 X 3) instead of 6, so it is actually OFF1,5BOX. The squares are cut as shown above. The squares are put in a straight strip. When it is folded a spiral staircase appears which looks like DNA, when folded completely a star appears:



STA(I)RCASE UNFOLDED Straight  Strip of  nine squares 





 The side of each square measures 3 X 3 X 3 = 27 inch (68,6 cm) The full strip measures 3 X 3 X 3 X 3 X 3  = 243 inch, 20,25 feet (617,22 cm). The plan is that the STA(I)RCASE will unfold top-down and fold again down-top with solar power.
Top-down resembles the Descent, through which the universe gradually enters into multiplicity until it reaches the point of greatest differentiation in the human being. Down-top resembles the Ascent , through which human beings complete the circle. The movement goes from oneness to manyness and back to oneness.

The English system of measurement is used, because this is directly related to the measurements of the universe. It has 12 as its base (like the clock, time measurement).  The sum of all the seconds in one day, 12 x 12 x 660 = 864.000 equals exactly one tenth of the diameter of the sun in miles: 12 x 12 x 6000 = 864.000. The sum of the  6 x 6 x 60 = 21.600 breathings of a human in one day (1 breathing = 4 seconds) equals exactly the diameter of the moon: 2160 miles. The average distance between the earth and the moon measures 60 x 60 x 60 = 216.000 miles and the velocity of the sun measures 21.600 miles per hour.






The twelve "Golden Ratio Boards" (see information INNABOX) are put together in four identical triangle goblets . The bottoms of the four goblets constitute a tetrahedron. The tetrahedron is the first regular spatial figure. It is the most contracted; the distance between all corner points is equal.  This is the strongest and most stable existing molecular structure of quartz and diamond, The tetrahedron symbolizes the element FIRE. Through the GOBLETS OF FIRE the tetrahedron is contracted by its four sides.










paper model

The GOBLETS OF FIRE are smooth and shining inside, especially when you put a bulb in the centre.

If they are released in one corner point they form a triangle divided in 4 smaller triangles, slighly out of position, the bottomside shows an interesting configuration: 












the goblets upside down to show more clearly the tetrahedron 





Two  golden ratio rectangles made of wood decorated with a spiral of Fibonacci compose two table tops on either side. Two  golden ratio rectangles made of stainless steel hinged diagonally compose the ‘table legs’. The table is folding through rotating.

De spiral unfolds according to the golden ratio. Because of the Golden Ratio we recognize our own beauty in flowers and other natural forms, we see the face of the eternal. 
Especially in former times the golden ratio was implemented in art and architecture.

Life is swirling into existence:

-          First as invisible living light swirling according to energetic power lines

-          which transforms to gas

-          next to fluid

-          finally to solid matter. Matter solidifies where positive and negative spiral rithms synchronize.

The last step manifests beautifully in pine cones, sunflowers and the romanesco vegetable.

The spirals are also clearly visible in corn on the cob, ears of wheat and other grains, cactus, rosethorns, pineapple, raspberry, blackberry and so on and so on.

Eadem mutato resurgo,
(latin): allthough changed, I revive (motto of the spiral according J. Bernoulli 1654-1705, Swiss mathematician)

The table tops are made of pitch pine from the lower part of a large tree.( see OFFABOX 1) The spirals are made of Auro liquid beeswax mixed with blue dye.The ‘table legs’ are made of stainless steel.

Spiral table 2 is made of 3 golden mean rectangles, the two 'table legs' diagonally placed at right angles. scaffolding wood, not foldable. 





Spiral Table 1


Spiral Table 2

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